We've added more info on PREVIEW OPEN HOUSE to help you make informed decisions when purchasing your next house to flip.
  • House price and neighborhood income: Remember to set aside a budget for renovation jobs. Don’t spend all your CAPITAL purchasing the house! Adjust your renovation budget accordingly. HIGH INCOME neighborhoods will require a larger investment into construction and staging jobs. While neighborhood income generally describes the buyer profile of that neighborhood, you might get varying offers. As a rule of thumb LOW INCOME budgets should have LOW CAPITAL cost renovations done while HIGH INCOME budgets should have HIGH CAPITAL cost renovations done to get best results. 
  • House architecture and staging style: Explore all the various types of architecture, and hunt down specific house styles for your missions. Each neighborhood will have a preferred staging style by that neighborhood's buyer profile. Matching one of these four styles -Classic, Contemporary, European, American Vintage- will help increase the profit from your offers.
  • PROBLEM AREAS: Decide if you want a quick flip with only a couple PROBLEM AREAS, or a larger project that may lead to higher profit margin.
Enjoy flipping houses in a way that's most enjoyable to your play style. Whether it be maximizing profits, focusing on your favorite staging style, or completing your MISSIONS and ACHIEVEMENTS.