If you run out of CAPITAL and can’t achieve all 3 stars on a House Flip, don’t worry, you’re not stuck! You can list a house no matter how many stars you have. Just finish the last job running and tap “LIST IT!” Hopefully you're still able to get a profit on that project, and then you can focus your efforts on a more affordable one in a cheaper neighborhood.

As a rule of thumb, you should leave about 20% of your overall budget to renovation and staging jobs alone. That means if you currently have 100,000 in CAPITAL, the most expensive house you should invest in is 80,000; thus leaving you 20,000 in CAPITAL to do renovation and staging jobs.

Don't forget: you can always go back to past cities to renovate in cheaper neighborhoods at the same time so that you're able to build up CAPITAL! Flipping in past cities gives you more chances to get free CAPITAL as well. You can also collect CAPITAL from open house trees in your most recently unlocked city! Lastly, remember to visit your HEARTS LANDMARK to collect gifts, including CAPITAL!