In the process of designing House Flip, it is important that we make sure our gameplay is accessible to all types of players. While our game is free to download, players have the option to buy our HEARTS currency as a way to progress faster and unlock more of the game. We know that some folks are hesitant to spend money, so we've designed multiple ways to earn HEARTS without spending a dime!

Here are some of the ways:
• MISSIONS - those MISSIONS that help guide your progress give you HEARTS rewards when you complete them. And, we make sure to provide new MISSIONS everyday so you can earn more daily.
• ACHIEVEMENTS - the in-game ACHIEVEMENTS are like long-term MISSIONS that have some of the biggest HEARTS rewards when you've hit those milestones.
• WEEKLY REWARDS - Visit Hearts landmark for free HEARTS!
• HEARTS LANDMARK - visit to get free HEARTS.
• PROFIT LADDER EVENTS- sell a house during the event to ensure you get hearts! Even one house flip will qualify for participation and therefore, a small amount of hearts!
* Multiple house flipping - flipping houses in past cities gives you the chance to get more hearts.

*Remember, the higher you go on the Profit Ladder, the more hearts and prizes you will win!

More to come - we know our players use HEARTS to hire CONTRACTORS and accelerate progress, so we're still adding fun new ways to earn HEARTS!