Just like in real life, Bidding Wars happen when the real estate market is hot. Potential buyers who are eager to purchase a property will often place offers higher than a seller's target price. The simulative experience of Bidding Wars is now part of the House Flip listing and offers flow and is super fun!

After listing the property, you will now receive more than one offer at a time. Offers above target price will add to the Bidding War meter until it's filled. Watch the meter closely to see how many good offers are needed. When there are enough offers above the target price, a Bidding War will happen! Sit and watch buyers compete with their highest offers and fight over your property. Don't forget to accept the winning offer at the end to make the most profits!

Already a Bidding War expert? Simply tap on the 'SPEED UP' button at the bottom right of the screen to finish Bidding Wars in seconds!