HEARTS are your most valuable resource in House Flip!
You use HEARTS to:
  • Accelerate construction and staging jobs
  • Rush new offers on your listing
  • Hire new CONTRACTORS to your crew
  • Trade for more ELBOW GREASE
  • Open Mystery and Swatch Crates
  • Obtain new Skills and Staging Styles

HEARTS can be purchased in the store, but you're also able to earn them for free by:

  • MISSIONS - those MISSIONS that help guide your progress give you HEARTS rewards when you complete them. And, we make sure to provide new MISSIONS everyday so you can earn more daily.
  • ACHIEVEMENTS - the in-game ACHIEVEMENTS are like long-term MISSIONS that have some of the biggest HEARTS rewards when you've hit those milestones.
  • WEEKLY REWARDS - Visit Hearts landmark for free HEARTS!
  • PROFIT LADDER EVENTS- sell a house during the event to ensure you get hearts! Even one house flip will qualify for participation and therefore, a small amount of hearts!
  • MULTIPLE HOUSE FLIPPING - flipping houses in past cities gives you the chance to get more hearts. 

*Remember, the higher you go on the Profit Ladder, the more hearts and prizes you will win! More to come - we know our players use HEARTS to hire CONTRACTORS and accelerate progress, so we're still adding fun new ways to earn HEARTS!