ELBOW GREASE is one of three currencies in the game. It is your primary resource to do renovation and staging jobs, and the ELBOW GREASE that is expended also contributes towards advancing your SKILLS.

ELBOW GREASE is gathered in a variety of ways:
• Exchanging HEARTS for ELBOW GREASE
• Visiting the HEARTS LANDMARK every few hours
• Playing the MINI-GAME

Key strategies around maximizing ELBOW GREASE:
• Hiring more CONTRACTORS increases the rate in which the currency accumulates!
• Unlocking new cities increases the rate while also increasing your MAX STORAGE!
• Using a GREASE LIGHTNING BOOSTER increases the amount of ELBOW GREASE you can collect from the RENOVATION STATION!
• Participating in the DOUBLE GREASE event gives you double your ELBOW GREASE collection rate!